Art vs art

To be honest, I don’t care much about Art. The one with the capital ‘A’.

I paint people only. As a person with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, to me art is a tool to observe, fathom, analyse, dissect and understand human nature. And a means to communicate with a being with whom I don’t identify.

Nevertheless it makes me frown when I see how the art world has gone from offering works of art to offering an experience. Lively interaction with well-dressed people in glistening new buildings — it’s titillating and exciting. The exhibited art is no longer the purpose but a supporting tool: bait art.

Gallery owners and curators follow trend after trend. Not even daring to make a stand and do something entirely different. It only shows that they are not really interested in art, but merely in indulging their own petty cravings for instant money, status, confirmation. It makes me wonder what legacy they want to leave behind, when 90% of all art they promote today will no longer be relevant tomorrow.
Sad really… or is it just me?