A Standstill with Shadow #1

I started a new series of paintings that all evolve around one person in variations on a theme and him-/herself. The contingent cloning of the subject within a single tableau, with each duplicate performing more or less the same act, emphasizes the ‘being a nonentity’. Yet the superposition creates an intriguing tension that challenges you to play a “spot the 7 differences”-game. Though not merely in form and content than rather in its subtext and context. Baring examples of the autonomous complex working in the individual and society. It hints to the shadow that follows each and everyone of us. Our unknown dark side , the unconscious aspect in our personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself. As such it can be considered as an on-going exercise to fathom man. Analysing him, dissecting him even, reflecting on his actions and envisaging him in the grand scheme of things. But as a whole, the series suggest that they’re meant to be a repeated allaying of a plague.

The painting on the picture is a study that can be considered as a key work in the transition to this new series.