A Standstill with Shadow #3

‘The Godward’, oil on canvas, 1900x2500mm.

Another painting from the series in which all characters are one and the same person. The figure in the man suit is the same as the naked woman, but she adapted a more manlike look.

The painting hints to the sacrifices women have to make to climb the social or corporate ladder. Having to adapt and adjust, submit and offer sexual favors, be ‘one of the guys’ and compete with other women. In short, having to compromise themselves.

A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2018), suggest that women take sexy selfies to compete with peers and climb the social ladder. However they are more likely to invest time and effort into posting sexy selfies in environments with greater economic inequality or where economic inequality is rising, and not in places where men hold more societal power and where women might be oppressed because of their gender.