A Standstill with Shadow #2

‘The Panoply’, oil on canvas, 1900x1400mm.

The second painting on which all characters are one and the same person.

All figures are Asian, female, dressed the same, looking miserable, squatting in a undefined setting that looks squalid. The pink undertone gives it a kind of sugar coating, yet toxic.

It hints towards modern day slavery and abuse in the textile and garment industry. All individuality is erased as the workers are subject to slavery, debt bondage and human trafficking. The uniform clothing symbolizes the mass production of apparel for the Western market.

The majority of the current influencers on social media link themselves to fashion. They depict themselves as glamourous, hip and progressive. Yet the fashion supply chain is based on the opposite. To be able to offer clothes at bargain prices and to respond rapidly to changing fashion trends, clothing brands and retailers are continually looking for cheap production locations, i.e. working places with appalling working conditions that are tantamount to forced labour.