A painted performance @ PROPS Gent

‘The Predicability’
Ready to be hung @ PROPS, Leeuwstraat 62, 9000 Gent


PROPS is an exhibition space that is open to all forms of art but focuses on performance art in particular. When I was asked to participate in a show, I didn’t feel like merely exhibiting a painting on a wall. I wanted my work to enforce a kind of performance.

Some of my large life-sized canvasses were painted in a small cramped space, without the possibility to take distance and take up the entire painting in a glance. So I wanted that the visitors at PROPS would be obliged to stand close to the painting as well. Being able to see the work in parts only. The painting ‘The Predicability’ was hung in a small hallway. With its width of 2m40 it just fitted the 3m long wall. But since the hallway was hardly 1m20 wide, visitors would not be able to take distance and have an overall view of the painting. The painting dominated the space and overawed every passer-by.

The spectator was compelled to compose the overall picture in his mind. The alternation of loose suggestive brushstrokes appearing almost abstract and meticulous detailed naturalism in my work suggests the effect of depth of field and subtly directs the viewer’s eye to various parts of the painting. The distorted proportions and slanted perspectives reinforce the idea of fragmentation. This paves the way to impressionability and suggestion. The themes of my work are inspired by current events, but the presented image is never hermetical or unequivocal. The interpretation depends on the specific conceptualization of the image that every spectator created individually.

Each visitor at PROPS had to pass the painting when entering or leaving the art space. And its dominant and overwhelming presence touched them more than it would have in a ‘normal’ more spaceous set-up.